Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's Quill

It's time I get back to posting on my blog.  I love to stamp and paper craft but I've been very lax in sharing what I've been doing. My husband bought me a quilling kit out of a bargain basement bin at an outlet mall.  He figured since it involved paper, I would like it.  He was sooo right, he usually is. I'd heard of quilling but didn't know much about it.  

   Quilling  is an art form that involves the use of paper strips that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create a decorative design.  The paper is wound around a quill to create the basic paper shape, hence the name quilling.  

Needless to say, I fell in love with it.  I started with 1 dimensional flowers and bugs, but soon found a 3 dimensional bride and groom kit which I made for my niece who recently got married.  From there I made acorns and pumpkins and mice and anything I could think of.  I tried to make a reindeer for Christmas but its head reminded me more of a turkey which gave me the idea to make a turkey.  The turkey was lonely so I made a pair of Pilgrims.  I just kept rolling and shaping until I came up with a design I liked. 

The coke can gives it  a size perspective
 I haven't given up on the reindeer, I'm still trying to figure something out.  I'm also working on a soccer player for my granddaughter.  If it turns out then I will post and share that.  I would also like to take the time to wish you all a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving.



  1. This is the first time I have seen quilling like this. I have only made flat projects. These are darling. They will look so good in a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

  2. OMGosh Debbie, these are SUPER cute!!!! I'm with Linda, I think this is the first time I've seen this. WOW! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see the little reindeer!
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.

  3. I've never seen quilling like this. It's absoulutely stunning and incredible. Congratulations on the win, and thanks for sharing this with us.